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Are you being held back by the ONE thing that 98% of founders struggle with?

You know how to do sales.

You know how to do marketing.

You know how to do strategy.

But the financials feel like an overcomplicated mystery?

You CAN become a finance-savvy founder.

Without having to study formal accounting and finance courses run by run-of-the-mill education providers.

Without having to sit through long, boring courses full of jargon.

Without having to endure content that isn’t relevant to founders.

Without having to try to figure out how you can apply financial management to improve your business right now.

How do I know?


I have over a decade of experience working with business owners of all shapes and sizes. From startup founders all the way to corporate executives.

My mission is to educate them on their numbers – to help them make good financial decisions.

My accounting firm, SBO Financial works with business owners, servicing hundreds of founders each and every day.


Working with these founders, I get questions all the time, like:

  • What does a balance sheet even do?
  • How do I manage my cash flow?
  • What numbers should I look at to know if I have a good business?

The basics of financial management is a fundamental skill that all founders should have, as it could be the difference between going big, or going bust.

I even wrote a book about it.

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Self-paced learning, using your actual business.

You will learn a step-by-step method for confidently navigating your business finances, helping you get financial control and clarity on your numbers.

You will learn the basics of financial management in a safe, founder-friendly and jargon-free space.

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