The Stark Naked Numbers Book.

A must-read finance book for entrepreneurs and founders.

"Essential playbook for streetsmart business owners. Do yourself (or the entrepreneur in your life) a huge favour and READ and APPLY the lessons learned in this book!"

G. Dylan Cunningham

Traditional accounting is broken.  It's boring, theoretical and full of jargon.

I offer a new way to navigate your numbers that will transform your business.

In Stark Naked Numbers, you will find practical secrets the world’s best CFOs and revered investors know about a business that lasts.

‘You don’t need to have all the answers; you just need to understand the problem better. By stripping your financials down to the bare essentials, you can see your numbers stark naked and identify the facts that really matter.’

- Jason Andrew, author of ‘Stark Naked Numbers’ book.

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Who is this book for?

Whether you are a start-up, scale-up or seasoned entrepreneur, knowing your numbers is a super-power

Never enough cash in the bank for payroll let alone growth?

Lack financial clarity?

Then Stark Naked Numbers is for you.

‘Like many business owners, I lied to myself about what success looked like. I hid behind my financials and (even worse) ignored them. But no more. I found a better way. I needed to uncover my business to reveal the truth.’

– excerpt from the book ‘Stark Naked Numbers’

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What will this book teach me?

In Stark Naked Numbers you’ll find counter-intuitive wisdom and financial truths you can apply to your business immediately.

I offer tactics and principles that will accelerate you light years ahead of the competition. Some of the most important lessons are:

  • Why the profit your accountant reports to you is fake.
  • Why selling more of your product or service will not make you more profitable.
  • Why you should fire 80% of your customers.
  • How do you unlock the cash in your business?
  • When can you afford to hire your next employee?
  • When can you give yourself a raise?
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Why should I read this book?

Successful business owners truly know their numbers.

When you do, you can make smarter decisions, generate more cash flow and ultimately make more profit

Get financial control over your business.

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What the people are saying

"Financial Insights every Business Owner must know! Jason presents an exceptional and unique view of financial statements along with easy to understand insights that can be implemented immediately. Analyzing your margins and cash flows are critical to improving your business results. Don't miss this great edition!"


"An awesome book on accounting. Stark Naked Numbers is a game-changer for founders who are looking to improve their knowledge of accounting and finance. It's very easy to read and is very practical for people to implement themselves. Highly rated."


"This book covers more than just advice about how business owners can better understand their finances. There are plenty of examples and tools that will help any aspiring business owner get to the heart of what drives their business financially. A very easy and enjoyable read unlike many other books that cover this and similar topics"

Ian Judson

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